Trevelyan Clay<br />X-Men Corridor<br />2013

Trevelyan Clay: For The Shadows Fall

12/06/2013 - 14/07/2013

For the Shadows Fall takes the tradition of hard-edged abstraction as its starting point, presenting a series of paintings that arrange colour into rows stacked in pictorial space. Through the considered juxtaposition of these colours a spatial illusion of depth and shadow is manufactured.

Clay creates a casual tension between flatness and depth in paintings that point to video-game graphic glitches and computer generated imagery. Despite this synthetic effect, the traces of the hand are on show; thick paint retains and exaggerates the coarseness of the bristles used to apply it.

Trevelyan Clay recently completed a Gertrude Contemporary Studio Residency and his work is held in numerous national and international collections. For the Shadows Fall will be the first West Australian exhibition of work by the Melbourne based artist who has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally since 2004.

Clay is represented by Neon Parc in Melbourne.

Teelah George: Meatworks Mens Qrtrs

01/05/2013 - 02/06/2013

Meatworks Mens Qrtrs takes its oddly truncated title from a caption scrawled on the back of a photograph, part of a series of images and texts inherited by the artist that document her grandfather's experience working at an abattoir near Wyndham in the early 1900s. George has translated the cheerfully brutal vernacular of these memoirs into a series of semi-fictional 'portraits', landscape studies and objects, drawing on her personal history, familiar Australian pioneer mythology and the charged languages of painterly abstraction.

Teelah George has contributed work to a number of group exhibitions and residencies, both locally and internationally. These past projects include boom. (Spectrum Project Space, WA, 2009), Cream of the Crop (Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance, 2008), the ESP Curfew Tower artist residency (Cushendall, 2011), and the Lawrence St Workshops residency (Belfast, 2011), coinciding with her first solo exhibition Collection / Process (2011). She has also been involved in a number of artist run initiatives, including Palm Court in Perth and Catalyst in Belfast. Since returning to Western Australia mid 2012, Teelah has been commissioned to exhibit as part of the City of Perth Lightlocker project and is currently an Artist in Residence at Fremantle Arts Centre and a studio assistant to nationally acclaimed artist Richard Lewer. Teelah completed a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University of Technology in 2006, receiving first class honours and the studio academic achievement award in 2007.

New work from Emma McPike

20/03/2013 - 21/04/2013

OPENING: 6pm, Wednesday March 20th

We Know What You'd Rather Be Doing extends Emma McPike's examination of Australian leisure time, specifically the world of amateur angling. McPike approaches traditional printmaking techniques with an experimental practice akin to drawing, transforming everyday images into surprisingly grand narratives. Her large scale screen-prints and intricate drawings borrow from both the historical store of landscape painting traditions and the familiar conventions of the family photograph, purposely confusing ideas of leisure and culture and drawing poetic and often humorous parallels between the practices of art and sport.

In Memory of a Once Fluid Man

13/02/2013 - 10/03/2013

Opening 6pm Wednesday February 13th, 2013

Jacobus Capone
Jason Hendrik Hansma
Bennett Miller
Alistair Rowe

An exhibition curated by the ghost of Bruce Lee.

Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way round or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.


28/11/2012 - 24/12/2012

EXHIBITION OPENS: 6pm, Wednesday November 28th 2012

Paintings and Sculptures presents a constellation of works that both celebrate and interrogate the image and the object. John and Kristensen embark on a complex investigation into the boundaries, dialogues and histories of each discipline, each body of work connected by a shared interest in the ceramic and architectural form.

Paintings and Sculptures is the first Western Australian exhibition for both artists.

Anna John's multi-disciplinary practice focuses an investigation of material and process, experimentation, improvisation and spontaneity. These interests arise from practicing as both a visual artist and musician and studying the links and cross-overs between creative fields. Her approach maintains a minimal and lo-fi aesthetic, revealing the inner workings of the everyday and contextualising these within contemporary art and art history. Anna is currently undertaking an MFA at Sydney College of the Arts. Previous exhibitions include 20/20, Damien Minton Annex (NSW, 2011, curated by Robert Lake); Wind Now (solo), Locksmith Project Space (NSW, 2010); Friends, TCB (VIC, 2010, curated by Charlie Sofo) and Tender Clay (solo exhibition with Future Local Association Group), KINGS ARI (VIC, 2010) Anna is a Member of the bands Holy Balm and Raw Prawn.

Anna Kristensen is a painter interested in the power of images to conjure other worlds. In her work she depicts suggestive and enigmatic spaces such as the timeworn interiors of caves, the monumental exteriors of pyramids and passages such as tunnels, staircases and corridors. In the spirit of exploration, her work draws on the imaginative and transformative potential of the Australian landscape and the various mythologies surrounding it. She received a Master of Fine Arts in Painting, at University of NSW College of Fine Arts, Sydney is 2008 and has held solo exhibitions at Kalimanrawlins, Melbourne (Mise en Abyme, 2011), Shepparton Art Museum, VIC and Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, NSW (Indian Chamber, 2011), Gallery 9, Sydney (Chamber, 2011) and Galerie Elena Kolbasina, Berlin (Cave Paintings, 2007).

Anna Kristensen is represented by Gallery 9 (Sydney) and Kalimanrawlins (Melbourne). Her work can also be viewed online at


17/10/2012 - 18/11/2012

Tunc - a clipping from a Latin phrase meaning 'then' and a pointed anagram -continues Casey Ayres' investigation into beauty and mythology, extending his photographic practice into a series of repurposed, sculptural 'props'. Ayres' draws an uneasy line between autobiography and fiction, altering and documenting his immediate surroundings as a set for a heightened, cinematic narrative that follows a decline into barley controlled violence and dangerous nostalgia.

20/03/2013 - 21/04/2013

Intellectual Property is OK Gallery's pop-up bookstore, reading room and fruit stand, stocking selected local, national and international books, magazines and fruits.

12pm - 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Cash Only.



Location: Old Masonic Hall, 6 Broadway Nedlands, 6009
When: September 29th, 2012. 10am to 3pm

Acquittal Report (Matthew Hunt and Robert Cook)
Dale Buckley and Kate Mullen (MOANA)
Daphne Major Research Office (Jason Hansma and Eloise Sweetman)
Loren Kronemyer
John Mateer
Katie Lenanton
Museum of Natural Mystery (David Egan and Patrick Miller)
Leigh Robb.

In connection with Katie Lenanton's survey of Western Australian contemporary practice, Here & Now 12 at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, OK Gallery will host a day-long symposium discussing a variety of relationships between artistic practice and critical discourse in Western Australia.

Now&Then12 will explore intergenerational dialogues, alternative means of written discourse and curatorial practice and the complex relationships between distance and written history, seeking new models for discussing and exhibiting contemporary work in Western Australia.

The symposium will be introduced and chaired by OK Directors Andrew Varano, Jamie Macchiusi and Gemma Weston.

Entry to Now&Then12 is free, but RSVP is essential to:

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Hovea Pottery Ale: Quite a few bottles, some large pots and a video.

Jacob Ogden Smith
01/08/2012 - 02/08/2012

Hovea Pottery Ale continues Jacob Ogden Smith's interest in the operation of pottery practice
within mainstream society, in ceramics' historical role and the manner in which it is now
depicted and viewed within popular culture. An exercise in cottage industry, Hovea Pottery Ale
presents a suite of ceramic vessels that are used to bottle and dispense a beer home brewed
by the artist. Each component of object and the ale has been locally sourced and produced:
culture is built, in this case, from scratch.

In the production of both Ale and ceramic, Ogden Smith explores ideas of distribution and the
practical function of creative practice in both immediate contemporary life and historically, as an
integral part of human culture, development and interaction.


20/06/2012 - 22/07/2012


Curated by OK Gallery directors, Andrew Varano, Jamie Macchiusi and Gemma Weston, Sprezzatura brings together a group exhibition concerned with interiors, everyday design and questions of taste.

Each of the five participating artists share an interest in everyday visual experience, producing works that take inspiration from seemingly prosaic sources - newspaper cartoons, furniture and common commercial products such as take-away coffee cups and straws- producing works that combine idiosyncrasy and elegance. Each work demonstrates 'sprezzatura', an Italian term for the appearance of style achieved through feigned nonchalance.

09/05/2012 - 10/06/2012

Anneke De Rooij, Lucas Grogan, Jessie Mitchell.

In music, the refrain is a repeated line or a series of notes, present most conspicuously in folk songs and national anthems, in songs meant to remind us of home. It provides a sense of stability and constancy; at each point of return it is subtly changed but remain at its core, the same. In visual terms, the equivalent of the refrain might be the motif or pattern - the sense of structure and familiarity that provides a point of both departure and return.

The Refrain presents the work of three artists who utilise these structures. They each seek something uniquely local and personal in their use of the serial, meditating on and questioning what feels like home.

Tribute Night

Patrick Miller
28/03/2012 - 29/04/2012

In his first solo exhibition Patrick Miller presents a body of work exploring the multilayered history of light: as a physical force, a cultural phenomenon and a philosophical proposition.

Tribute Night features a series of pieces that sit at the nexus of art and design and science and sentiment, shelves, tables and wall hangings that examine both literal and figurative illumination and reflection. From the proto-scientific alchemists in search of the philosopher's stone to the proliferation of contemporary designers producing countless boutique lamps, each of Miller's elegant, minimal and meticulously handmade objects is a dedication to those that have lit the way and allowed us to take the light home.

Give Me Something To Listen To

Lauren Brown

You are invited to bring something for the artist to listen to, your ipod, phone, CD disc man, boom box - anything that headphones can plug in to.

A listening party between two people, this performance is about that intimate moment of sharing music. Sitting in the gallery, armed with a set of headphones, ready to listen to whatever you give me.

Choose something for me. Is it insightful? or punishing? Does it tell me something about you? or something about me? For that three minutes, or 30 seconds, we will be connected by what i'm listening to and what you imagine i'm listening to. Like a single-moment mix-tape, Give Me Something To Listen To is a shared moment between artist and audience, and between fellow listeners.

One night only
Wednesday, 21st March
6PM to 9PM

The unknown by the more unknown

David Egan
15/02/2012 - 18/03/2012

OK Gallery reopens in 2012 with David Egan's first solo exhibition The unknown by the more unknown.

Egan presents a charismatic constellation of paintings and objects examining pop culture mysteries and vernacular theories - in which established methods of knowing are hijacked and subverted by the incurably curious - investigating the infinite potential of interpretation and understanding in cultural communication.

Central to The unknown... is an interactive sculptural book that, when manipulated by the audience, produces a generative soundtrack that fills the gallery with an oscillating musical scale. A mysterious soundtrack is created by which a guided meditation on each painting can take place. Egan's simple and diagrammatic paintings depict musical instruments, un-proven physics propositions and natural forms. Individually, they are discrete icons, standing in for different methods - both rigorous and associative - by which understanding is produced. Together Egan's paintings act as 'nodes' in a greater network of ideas, investigating the generation of knowledge whilst also acknowledging the generative power of the unknown.

The unknown by the more unknown is proudly part of the 2012 Fringe World Festival.

Wilderness Years

09/12/2011 - 24/12/2011


Curated by OK directors Jamie Macchiusi, Andrew Varano and Gemma Weston, Wilderness Years investigates various encounters with real and internal wilderness, exploring the vision quest, the 'gap year', the camping trip, the getting and forgetting of wisdom.

See Sounds

04/11/2011 - 04/12/2011

Ben Barretto's early 'Assisted Paintings' are produced by mechanized structures, using low-fi technology, DIY building equipment and vibrant colour to update process-based action painting.

Barretto has since developed his work into an ongoing exploration of performance, movement, sound and painting, establishing a practice informed by his involvement in skateboarding and music. Barretto acts as the conductor of a synaesthesic orchestra of motion and colour; the resulting objects and installations open the dialogue between intuition and pragmatism and process and result.

SEE SOUNDS presents a series of new directions for Ben's experiments in painting and performance alongside textile and assemblage pieces.

True North

Emma McPike
30/09/2011 - 30/10/2011

Emma McPike's first significant solo exhibition explores the iconography and aesthetics of Western Australian outer suburbia. As Perth's suburbs expand rapidly and potentially unsustainably during successive periods of economic boom, McPike casts an affectionately critical eye on her home turf, presenting the suburban 'everyday' as a place as equally banal and beautiful.

The prints and drawings featured in True North recall both the haunting films of Sofia Coppola and the painterly impressions of early Australian Modernism, describing a familiar yet peculiar world of bittersweet nostalgia, untidy dreams and half remembered weekends.

Picnic At Fanging Rock

Casey Ayres
26/08/2011 - 25/09/2011

In 2010, Casey Ayres was required to invest in either the gearbox that would resurrect his 1980 Ford Escort or an art practice. His compromise was both pragmatic and romantic, an absurdly poignant performative requiem to the car he couldn't save.

Picnic at Fanging Rock - a headline borrowed from an automotive magazine - continues Ayres' exploration of the idiosyncrasies, fetishism and grace of australian automotive machismo. It documents a culture Ayres is immersed in - while it is a critical investigation, it is also, fundamentally, a love story.