This Thursday (you'll need a car for this)

Posted by Andrew on the 1st of August, 2011

Anthony Riding Gallery
1/42 Pearse st, North Fremantle

'Secret Societies', by Maschi Fontana.

"Secret Societies is Maschi Fontana's first solo exhibition at Anthony Riding Gallery in Perth.

The mystery behind dying honey bee colonies, a crashed special operations helicopter, and a totem-like triangular structure communicating with cosmic realms, are among some of the ideas explored part of this exhibition.

'Maschi Fontana engages the shamanistic history of art, in particular the duo connect with a post-Beuys shamanistic tide of esoteric artists like Almagul Menlibayeva and Marcus Coates who engage in a variety of ritualistic, channeling art processes. Maschi Fontana's work taps into the performative aspects of shamanism and the idea of material transference and for mine these are inherently intertwined. Historically the tribe's engagement with the shaman was based on transference and transcendence and in terms of performing this, or presenting the transformation to the tribal group, the shaman utilised character channeling - symbolized through transforming materials; the shaman became the animal and their blood his. We see this in the Eucharist in the Christian mass and wine made blood and bread made flesh is not symbolic in the spiritual mind - it is real and this becomes essential to belief. The extension of this belief into the arts in also essential and indeed can be read as a cornerstone of contemporary art - what is the artist asking of us as an audience but belief - in this case acknowledging its importance but also divining its potential.'

The Shamanic Tryst, Rising Lotus catalogue essay, 2011, Ric Spencer"

91 Brisbane st, Perth

The IRIS Awards


'Charmwood', a group show featuring Todd Anderson-Kunert, Warwick Baker, Lindsey Gosper and Michelle Tran.

Miik Green's studio nights
64 Crawford rd, Maylands

The guest speakers will be Tom Freeman:

"Tom Freeman is a local visual artist who's been practicing steadily since graduation from Curtin University in 2007. He will talk about his practice to date and his current ongoing body of work exploring ideas of memory, nostalgia, truth and fiction, tangents and connections, mums and dads and a heavy dose of material affection and crafty process."

... and Chris Pratt:

"A perfect circle? 'Boomtown' has the opportunity to transform the face of this city and state. However, how is the profit from this resource driven boom being invested by the part of the population who are enjoying its benefits? And what part does the public library, the art gallery, the museum and the public square play in an increasingly more uninterested and 'drawbridge' social culture of Perth? Is it in state commissioned public architecture (such as education and health facilities), places in which the public interact on a more regular basis, where opportunities lie for an intersection of art/architecture in Perth?

Chris will summarise past, and current involvement in state funded projects, looking at the opportunities and restrictions provided by public architecture in Perth."

Maschi Fontana, Space Mustang, 2009, HD Film (Courtesy of Anthony Riding Gallery)