This Friday!

Posted by Andrew on the 10th of April, 2012

Elisha Quintal
In Memory of Process

at the Galleria
(Wittenoom street, East Perth)
Opens at 6:30PM

"Galleria is pleased to present In Memory of Process, an exhibition of new works by Elisha Quintal.

Making reference to the Arts and Crafts movement of the mid 1800s to early 1900s, and the continuing Slow movement of the late 1980s, Quintal aims to examine the relationship between production and consumption on both small and large scales through the recontextualisation of everyday materials and rituals.

Using silk and concrete to create a dichotomy between materials, the artist establishes a cause-and-effect relationship within her work by means of a meditated use of cutting, sewing, casting, dyeing, eroding and draping. Through this method of engagement, Quintal draws an analogy to processes of both living within and engaging with an environment or system.

Especially relevant to Quintal's practice is her use of natural stains to reference human interactions in urban and domestic spaces. For example, the path of a bore water sprinkler traced onto a building, or the food stains left on a tablecloth after dining. Here, such mark-making becomes a visual representation of temporality, as well as a truth to the materials and their deterioration.

In Memory of Process will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue (featuring an essay by Liang Luscombe) and an artist talk (TBA)."

Image courtesy of Elisha Quintal and the Galleria