The Greater Asia Co-prosperity Sphere

Posted by Gemma on the 6th of November, 2011

For the last year or so, Abdul Abdullah, Nathan Beard and OK Gallery's Casey Ayres have been prepping for their inclusion in the 2012 Next Wave Festival, the Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

"GACPS will comprise of an 'embassy' space for a fictional pan-Asian empire, loosely based upon Japan's geo-political ambitions in World War II. The three artists will inhabit this Orientalised installation space as ambassadors for this fictional empire, complete with elaborate costuming. During the festival, the Federation Square atrium surrounding the NGV Studio, and the installation itself will act as the site for live events and cultural demonstrations involving Asian cultural performers and community groups based around Melbourne.

The embassy, it's artifacts and these performances held in the space will elaborate upon the mixed Asian-Australian heritages of the three collaborating artists, in order to reflect upon discourses of nationalism, identity and multiculturalism in a critical and humorous way. "

As the festival draws closer, Abdullah, beard and Ayres are looking for support to help them realise their Eurasian togetherness dreams.

Donations to the project can be made here

For more information on the artists and the project, visit the GACPS website