Posted by Gemma on the 14th of November, 2011

I'm sometimes convinced I barely know my own city.

Back in August I wrote about the Central Tafe residency program, and how I'd forgotten about it. This time I'm addressing something great that I think everybody knew about except me.

'REmida WA Creative Reuse Centre' operates from an old squash court between Prospect Place and Newcastle Street in West Perth. REmida is a one-stop stockpile of useful discards from retail/semi-industrial businesses, offering unlimited access to materials for schools and individuals for a reasonable yearly fee.

Stock is arranged according to size, and varies depending on recent donations, but it stands to reason that there will be something useful available even for individuals with strange and specific requirements: leather, paper, steel, misc. Anyone wishing to acquire surfaces or structure whilst bypassing expensive and monopolising suppliers could do so. Anyone in charge of a highschool art department full of kids wishing to build junk-mosaic cyborgs could find everything they needed to make those dreams come true. Anyone who makes the kind of work that involves putting a lot of the same thing together would be in heaven. There is also cheap coffee and a lounge and a workshop, where things can be cut on polite request.

Sometimes I think that contemporary creative production might just be the considered process of either moving things from one place to another or placing one thing next to another. REmida can assist this process at a reduced cost and a reduced guilt rate on both ends of supply and demand.

All necessary information - joining, volunteering and supplying - is available here

'Big Room'
'Small Room'