Rebecca Baumann in Primavera 2011

Posted by Gemma on the 17th of August, 2011

Western Australian Rebecca Baumann's formalist celebration subversion is having a highly successful 2011 - featuring earlier in the year in NEW11, Hannah Mathew's selection for the Balnaves foundation at ACCA; posted on the usually highly Eurocentric art aggregator VVORK recently, and announced as part of the first offsite Primavera, opening September 8th

I seem to have missed the boat on this one, because the Primavera lineup was announced at least a month ago - prehistory in blogging terms.

Still, good news for Baumann, and for Western Australia, which was overlooked in last year's Primavera.

Baumann's work is online here

Rebecca Baumann, Once more With Feeling, 2010