Opening Tonight!

Posted by Andrew on the 9th of May, 2012

Anneke De Rooij, Lucas Grogan, Jessie Mitchell.
6PM at OK Gallery

In music, the refrain is a repeated line or a series of notes, present most conspicuously in folk songs and national anthems, in songs meant to remind us of home. It provides a sense of stability and constancy; at each point of return it is subtly changed but remain at its core, the same. In visual terms, the equivalent of the refrain might be the motif or pattern - the sense of structure and familiarity that provides a point of both departure and return.

The Refrain presents the work of three artists who utilise these structures. They each seek something uniquely local and personal in their use of the serial, meditating on and questioning what feels like home.

Lucas Grogan, 'Cave Painting #9', 2012, acrylic, ink and watercolour on matt board