Mark Parfitt 'Anyday Now'

Posted by Andrew on the 9th of December, 2011

Anyday Now by Mark Parfitt at Galerie Dusseldorf

Check out Mark's documentation images on his website here.
This show is also still on until December 18th.

"Coming from a simple desire to make an ordinary life more celebratory, Parfitt journals his investigations of growing barley, developing great abs, and finding the overland route across the promised land of Australia. Using drawing, diagrams and photography combined as some kind of misguided scrapbooking, Parfitt elevates the humble visual diary to unforeseeable art-form.

Anyday Now is an account of living a good life, learning through experience and preparing for any trial in the face of a mundane life."

Mark Parfitt, 'Field' 2011, courtesy Mark Parfitt and Galerie Dusseldorf (Photograph by Adrian Lambe)