Guest Lecture Series

Posted by Jamie on the 1st of August, 2011

OK's Guest Lectures will run as a weekly series of spoken advice/ideas/philosophies.

I really wanted to start with The Discreet Charm by Goldin and Senneby but it's not about on the internet.

It's a new work produced for the show The End of Money on at the moment at Witte de With in Rotterdam.

Through their collaborative framework Goldin and Senneby (Simon Goldin and Jakob Sennby) have been exploring the geograpies that are produced through capital and finance, presenting these explorations as theatrical and performative problems. The Discreet Charm takes the form of a "pitch" for a theatre play about self-interestd financial practices within contemporary banking. In Theatre, a scale model of the stage (model box) used to display the choreography of each scene, typically facilitates the communication between the actors and members of the production team, or between theatre company and potential producers and finaciers - in every practical sense the model box is a didactic device...
...The Discreet Charm includes a scale model of Witte de With, with all the elements that were present in the exhibition space during the performance enacted on opening night

It was a really great work that, while didactic in nature, wasn't heavy handed or more importantly, boring (not that this is a review).

You can find the catalogue for the The End of Money here