Friday 2nd December: Seria Ludo at the Galleria

Posted by Andrew on the 22nd of November, 2011

Seria Ludo, an exhibition by David Egan and Reece York at the Galleria
December 2nd at 6PM
55 Wittenoom St,
East Perth WA 6004

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Thursday 12-9pm
Friday-Saturday 12-6pm
And by Appointment

Galleria presents Seria Ludo (Serious matters in a playful vein), an exhibition about neo-classicism, the vantage of the dilletante and backyard archaeology by David Egan and Reece York.

The third instalment on Galleria's developing exhibition calendar, Seria Ludo is an in-house exhibition, which includes both individual and collaborative works that range in from from oil paintings to a purpose built sandbox. These new works are consequence of an ongoing conversation between Egan and York in a shared studio space above the gallery. The artists position Wikipedia as oracle as they explore obvious and unlikely connections between subject matters relating to the perpetuation of traditions in art.

The Society of the Dilettanti were a group of wealthy Englishmen who formed in 1734 after taking an alcohol fuelled art tour through Italy. They sort to elevate their less fortunate, un-cultured English brethren by sharing the majesty of renaissance painting and sculpture by funding exhibitions and building collections. Essentially a rich boys-club, The Society combined revelry and witty irreverence with the serious study of antiquity. Applying this methodology to contemporary culture, Egan and York present works that oscillate smoothly between irony and sincerity in an inevitably unsuccessful pursuit of the miraculous.