Current Interests

Posted by Gemma on the 8th of February, 2012

1: Project: track down this book/the rock Brian Blanchflower poured honey over for seminal performance piece Leedermeg. Honey ritual at Leederville. Megalith on the 24th February 1979.

2: Matthew Hunt's The End of The World (2006): an intervention/performance in 'John Oldham Park', a freeway bordered piece of reclaimed swampland named for an eminent Perth town Planner. James Baker, former drummer for the Beasts of Bourbon/current drummer for the Painkillers plays on a platform overlooking a manmade waterfall, the sounds of his drumming combining with the roar of water and traffic to produce the perfect Perth whitenoise. (Thanks to Clare Lewis for hosting the only documentation of/text on this I can find on the internet)

3: The simultaneous pulldown/throwup of the Entertainment Centre/Perth Arena on Wellington Street during 2011 as boomtown analogy.

4: Artist's impression of Perth Railway Station - due to be completed in 2014 - buried in a Time Capsule beneath the construction site on January 31st, 2012. Time Capsule also contains a letter to the Premier of 2031. Reasons for selection of this date unknown.