Big Art Weekend

Posted by Gemma on the 30th of August, 2011

Friday Sept 2nd: 6pm, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

Stadium: Pilar Mata Dupont and Taryn Gill.
Wrong Angles: Alex Spremberg
Perth Zine Collective kicks of its month long residency in the PICA reading room.

This event will be large.

Gill and Dupont must be the youngest artists to achieve a major retrospective in a while. After Marian Tye (PhD), Director & Professor of the Centre for Sport & Recreation at Curtin University, does the opening honours, Gill and Dupont will showcase a new, site-specific performance - Ever Higher - in the infamously cavernous main PICA gallery space. There will be an 'aerialist' and cheerleaders, and I saw stadium seating being carried into the building last week. This promises to be a spectacular occupational health and safety nightmare.

Last time I saw Western Australian painting titan Alex Spremberg's work, it was primarily an exploration of non-objective materiality, what could be done with paint and gravity. Wrong Angles re-introduces found image and object and some big themes (' systems of production, standardisation and economic rationalism' ) into his experiments.

The ever-productive Perth Zine Collective will also take up residency in the reading room, bringing their cottage publishing industry and catalogue of publications with them. Zines can be talked about, made, sold and bought all September, starting 6pm Friday.

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Images Courtesy of:
PICA, Taryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont, Goddard de Fiddes Gallery, Perth.
PICA, Alex Spremberg, Gallerie Dusseldorf, Perth and Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne.

Saturday September 3rd: 7 -10pm, Museum of Natural Mystery.

Benchwork: Supply and Command.

At 7:30pm, Daniel Bourke and Clare Wohlnick from Benchwork/Benchpress present a powerpoint performance about the 'successes, failures and accidents that have occurred during their short stint in the business world'.

Benchwork and Benchpress were founded in 2010, after Clare Wohlnick's purchase of a secondhand RISOgraph machine. Benchwork is their graphic design arm, and Benchpress the printing elbow. They currently operate out of the East Perth Studio (55 Wittenoom St) that is soon to house Wohnick and Bourke's ARI Galleria.

Benchpress might have the best logo of any publishing company I've ever seen.

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Courtesy Dan Bourke
Gill & Mata Dupont, 2008, A Gladiator Class, Envied By All Men, Adored By All Women (detail)
Spremberg, 2011, Marching Into Paint (detail)