Ben Barretto 'Wail Songs' at the MNM

Posted by Andrew on the 27th of September, 2011

A few photos from Ben Barretto's exhibition 'Wail Songs' at The Museum of Natural Mystery last weekend.

"Ben Barretto's art practice to date can be discussed as a single ongoing series of performative experiments that investigate the idea of an assisted painting. These experiments often result in an uncertain dialogue between the processes of the performances and the aesthetics of the paintings produced by them; does one inform the other and which is more important to the work?

Continuing this trajectory in Wail Songs, Barretto dons the hat of 'composer' and by rearranging his familiar materials (scrap timber, oscillating fans, paint scrapers, canvas) he will construct a painting with sound, further examining the tension between process and product."

Wail Songs by Ben Barretto at The Museum of Natural Mystery from Ben Barretto on Vimeo.

Wail Songs, Ben Barretto, 2011
Wail Song, Ben Barretto, 2011