Ben Barretto at Gallery A.S.

Posted by Andrew on the 11th of November, 2011

If you are in Sydney next weekend, then go and check out Self Est:

SELF EST at Gallery A.S. feat. OK's own BEN BARRETTO

NOVEMBER 17-20 2011
Kirin Presents SELF EST.

Contemporary Art from Outside The Institution
Curated By Joseph Allen Shea & Marty Routledge
Self Est is a four day art event exploring contemporary art from alternative backgrounds. This first installment of Self Est (short for Self Established) investigates the study of letterforms and pavement based education. Self Est presents art created outside the traditional academy that has infiltrated the institution. These art forms may be self-taught, intuitive or born from marginal activities such as commercial art, graffiti or skateboarding. Taking motivation from these auxiliary artistic pursuits these artists bring unconventional and unique twists to fine art and are being recognised by galleries and institutions.

Thursday 17th, 6pm, Open till 20th Nov
Paintings and installations by Roid, Horfé & Dmote
kind of -- gallery, 72 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

Friday 18th, 6pm, Open till 2nd Dec
Paintings and installations by Jeff Canham & Ben Barretto
Gallery A.S. 53-55 Brisbane st, Surry Hills

Saturday 19th, Drinks 4-9pm
Murals by Roid, Horfé & sign painting by Jeff Canham
Kippax & Lt Riley st

Saturday 19th, 12-1.30pm
Conversations: A discussion and Q and A with Self Est. artists and experts on unconventional sources for fine art.
Ben Barretto (AUST) - artist
Jeff Canham (USA) - artist
Fred Forsyth (UK) - director of Topsafe & Crack & Shine
Cameron Macauliffe (AUST) - public art expert
Gallery A.S, 53-55 Brisbane st Surry Hills

Sunday 20th
Walls to be completed, and gallery walk throughs.

Ben Barretto 'See Sounds' opening at OK
The joy of creating. (In the background: Ben Barretto 'Thrash Petal' (2011) AND Ben Barretto 'Velvet Blues' (2011)