Hijacked III: Contemporary Photography From Australia and the UK

Posted by Gemma on the 17th of February, 2012

The third installment of Hijacked opens tonight (Friday, Feb 17th) at 6pm at the Perth institute of Contemporary Arts.

This one includes contemporary UK photographers alongside their Australian counterparts. Exhibition runs until April 8th and is part of the Perth International Arts Festival.

In connection with Hijacked, PICA is also running a competition for local photographers - Hijack the Streets - with a 1st prize of $300 worth of digital printing. More details here. Entires close March 20th.

Sarah Pickering, Land mine, 2005. Courtesy of the artist, Meessen De Clercq, Brussels and Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

Current Interests

Posted by Gemma on the 8th of February, 2012

1: Project: track down this book/the rock Brian Blanchflower poured honey over for seminal performance piece Leedermeg. Honey ritual at Leederville. Megalith on the 24th February 1979.

2: Matthew Hunt's The End of The World (2006): an intervention/performance in 'John Oldham Park', a freeway bordered piece of reclaimed swampland named for an eminent Perth town Planner. James Baker, former drummer for the Beasts of Bourbon/current drummer for the Painkillers plays on a platform overlooking a manmade waterfall, the sounds of his drumming combining with the roar of water and traffic to produce the perfect Perth whitenoise. (Thanks to Clare Lewis for hosting the only documentation of/text on this I can find on the internet)

3: The simultaneous pulldown/throwup of the Entertainment Centre/Perth Arena on Wellington Street during 2011 as boomtown analogy.

4: Artist's impression of Perth Railway Station - due to be completed in 2014 - buried in a Time Capsule beneath the construction site on January 31st, 2012. Time Capsule also contains a letter to the Premier of 2031. Reasons for selection of this date unknown.



Posted by Jamie on the 8th of February, 2012


at Venn Gallery.

"A Magnificent World brings together four Western Australian artists, Pia Bennett, Thea Costantino, Joshua Fitzpatrick and Anna Nazzari, to explore tales of sorcery, medieval miracles and the grotesque. Through varied media, each artist revisits these imaginings to uncover an evocative and fertile history of the absurd, fantastic and sublime."

See more here

Thea Costantino Portrait I, (2011), graphite and gesso on marine ply.
Anna Nazzari, Fateless never Faithless, detail, (2011/12), pyrography on maple.


Posted by Jamie on the 8th of February, 2012

'It doesn't have anything to do with what i'm going to say, except everything'

Words of Advice starring Chris Johanson (of Encinitas Realization fame) by Aaron Rose, for Comme de Garçons SHIRT and The Generic Man.

via TWBE

Back East

Posted by Gemma on the 8th of February, 2012

Some recent eastern states projects:

New OK addition Jacob Ogden Smith is currently presenting his recent body of work at Craft Victoria:

" Jacob Ogden Smith explores the representation of pottery within contemporary mediums such as film, television and the Internet. His archetypal pottery forms, such as Ancient Greek amphorae, Chinese celadon and Japanese tea bowls, will sit alongside a series of videos that depict actions associated with pottery production.Smith's videos in Pottery Practice Project are intended to integrate ceramic practice into the medium of television - a medium that has an ability to impart significance through representation. The work interrogates understandings of television's mastery of quality and popular entertainment, as if somehow if it's on television it must be 'good'. This idea is best represented in the work Pottery Stills, a collection of images taken from film and television, which depict popularised examples of pottery and pottery practice. (his) archetypal pottery forms, such as Ancient Greek amphorae, Chinese celadon and Japanese tea bowls, will sit alongside a series of videos that depict actions associated with pottery production."

Pottery Practice Project runs until March 3rd.

Ben Barretto also headed east recently to perform onstage at the Forum Theatre with Sun Araw at the Suger Mountain Festival. Footage from their collaboration is available on Ben's website.

Jacob Ogden Smith, Hair Metal Raku, 2010
Ben Barretto/Sun Araw. Image courtesy Ben Barretto

Back in Action/Perth Centre for Photography

Posted by Gemma on the 8th of February, 2012

Where have we been?

The first month of 2012 has been one for taking stock, applying for various things, shoring up our program for the new year, which is rolling forward with stealth and speed.

Next week we'll open our own doors for 2012. This week, Perth Centre for Photography is opening its new Aberdeen Street space, and we're proud to be a part of their inaugural exhibitions.

PCP are unveiling a new screen room and have kindly invited us to showcase some work in it: Alongside Collective (a survey and auction of a diverse range of local photographic works) and the Art/Text/Clearinghouse project (an archive of local texts curated by Lethologica Press) we're presenting a reel of inaugural OK artist Casey Ayres' video works.

The beautifully renovated character building opens its doors tonight (Wednesday, Feb 8th) at 6pm: 100 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge. Visit the PCP website for more information.

Casey Ayres, Party Like it's 1985 (video still), 2010

From friends in far off places...

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