Ben Barretto (1985) adds performance and sound to art-historical ideas of painting, drawing and sculpture, using low fi technology, DIY building equipment and vibrant, commodity colour to update process-based action painting. His works are often 'assisted', produced by mechanized structures built by Barretto and sometimes exhibited as installations. Both Barretto and the viewer must constantly negotiate an often awkward position between intuition and pragmatism and between concept and aesthetic.

Ben returned to Perth to complete Honours in Art from Curtin University after a stint in Sydney working in the art department of an international fashion label. Exhibitions include Sugar Mountain, (2011, The Forum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC), Suspended Motion, (2010, The Bakery Artrage Complex, Perth, WA), Batteries Not Included (2009, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, NSW) and Hereye Yearhe (2008, Monster Children Gallery, Sydney, NSW). He was recently selected as a visiting scholar to the 'cole Nationale Supérieur d'Art in Dijon, France and has also travelled internationally as a sponsored skateboarder.

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